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Women in Construction

At Nayr Recruitment we are pleased to increasingly witness the construction industries tackling diverse subjects to become an inclusive and varied workforce.

It is estimated that women currently make up around 14% of construction industry professionals, a number which is continuing to rise.

The Women in Construction Summit is one organisation breaking ground and challenging norms in the fight for progress.

They say “The industry continues to face a variety of challenges, including skills shortages, issues in project delivery and digital disruption. But how are these affecting productivity and pushes towards diversifying the workforce? It’s time to look at inclusion as an opportunity and not an obligation”

The Women in Construction Summit 2019 will offer an even broader range of career and personal development workshops, critical discussions assessing company case studies and inspiring keynote presentations from advocates who are challenging the norm.

This year’s summit is being held in the Olympia London on 16th May.  You can register for tickets HERE to learn more from empowering women that are thriving in the industry.

How do I get into the industry?

If you are considering a move into the industry, there are many ways to get into construction. For example:

  • Train on the job in an apprenticeship and earn while you do so
  • Look into higher education and degree opportunities in your chosen field
  • Build your skills with a traineeship
  • Try an industry out by undertaking some work experience

For further advice and support getting into the industry you can contact our team here at Nayr Recruitment who are always happy to help.