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Recruitment Tips

Sharing Our Best Practices For Employers & Candidates

We know the recruitment market can be a daunting place, for both employers and candidates. In such a competitive space, sourcing the right candidates or securing a new role can be real a challenge.

With over 30 years expertise in matching employers and candidates in the construction and engineering industry we like to think we know a thing or two about getting it right. That’s why we’ve decided to share some of our best practices which we hope will help you improve your recruitment strategy or bag the job of your dreams.

Recruitment Tips For Employers

1. Build a reputation as a great employer.

A strong employer brand will attract greater volumes of candidates, eager to work for you. Employees value a company’s culture and leadership, it’s career growth opportunities and attitude to flexibility more than ever before so it is worth ensuring these qualities are cultivated within your business. Not only will they ensure you are more attractive to qualified candidates, they will internally improve your productivity and retention.

2. Embrace diversity

Creating and hiring a diverse workforce benefits both employers and employees. Hiring from a wider base of talent that stretches different age ranges, genders, educational backgrounds, and ethnicities produces a current and collaborative workplace.

3. Give yourself enough time to find the right candidate

When you have a job opening, you need to fill it with the right candidate, not just the candidate who can fill it the fastest. That’s why we recommend posting your vacancy in the places that will get it in front of the right candidates immediately. This will ensure you have enough time to spend shortlisting, interviewing and offering the position to the perfect candidate.

4. Write better job descriptions

A job description is like an employer’s sales pitch. You’ve got to make them descriptive enough to get an applicants attention, but not so long that they lose interest.

The more specific you are with the title, the better idea you’re giving candidates of what to expect. Add as much detail as possible – this may reduce the quantity of applicants but improve the quality of those that do apply.

5. Put yourself in the candidates shoes

Applying for a new job can be an all consuming task for a candidate. They have laboured for hours preparing their CV and covering letter and have run through hundreds of possible interview questions in their head. For this effort alone they deserve your full attention and respect. All communication, from the initial contact through to engagements on social media and the offer or rejection should be handled with thought and care.

6. Honesty is Key

Transparency is the foundation of the best relationships in business. We always advise candidates to be completely honest with potential employers and would encourage employers to do the same. Misleading candidates and making false promises will only lead to disillusionment in the future.

Recruitment Tips For candidates

1. Do your research on the company you are interested in

If applicants don’t know anything about the company they are interested in it shows that they haven’t taken the time to try and set themselves apart from other applicants. There is so much information available at a click of a button these days that it simply appears careless not to use it.

2. Don’t use slang or emojis on your CV

We would strongly recommend you avoid using slang or emojis on your CV as any clients we deal with would probably see this as being quite lazy. While they may look good on social media, in the business world they indicate a lack of seriousness which we don’t think you should portray to a potential employer.

3. Always be on time for appointments

Being late suggests that you would be regularly late if you were offered the job and employed by the company. As well as this, arriving early to an interview or appointment allows you time to calm your nerves, have a drink of water and go to the bathroom if necessary. This will hopefully allow you to enter the meeting feeling relaxed and comfortable.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask your own questions

An interview is a two way street and as a candidate you shouldn’t be afraid to ask a potential employer about their company or the position you have applied for. Not only will this help you gain critical information it may also help you stand out from the pack.

5. Be yourself

If you aren’t yourself, the interviewer won’t get a true idea of whether you are a good cultural fit for the team and company. Studies have shown that if a new hire is doesn’t fit culturally, they will most likely struggle with their workplace well being, often resulting in them choosing to leave. Now we don’t recommend you walk into the interview in the same way as you would a party but strike the right balance between professional behaviours and using your own personality.

6. Dress for success

Many hiring managers will form their first impression of you based on what you’re wearing. Of course, the right interview attire depends on the role or company you’re interviewing for and the culture of the organization. You also need to physically project confidence, using positive body language such as eye contact, posture and tone of voice.

For Both Employers and Candidates

Build a relationship with a recruitment consultant you trust

Of course we would say build a relationship with a recruitment consultant you trust but that’s because we really believe in it.

We have spent years building personal and professional relationships in the industry so we understand our clients and contractors needs and how best to assist them.

We work with some of the biggest construction and engineering businesses in the UK and Ireland and have some of the most sought after professionals on the market, meaning we can react quickly to your needs as and when they arise.

If you’d like to have a discreet conversion with a member of our team you can contact us HERE