Have You Had a Bad Experience With a Recruitment Agency?

We love our industry but let’s get real.  We know that sometimes immoral methods are used in the recruitment process, leaving clients frustrated and disenchanted with agencies.

At Nayr Recruitment we’re committed to maintaining our ethical values.   We know that building long standing relationships with our clients is the key to our success.

Here, Director Craig Lister discusses some bad agency practices and tells us why Nayr are different.


Sending inappropriate jobs to candidates

Although this may seem like a quick way to reach new candidates, we believe it’s counterproductive.  Sending an inappropriate job to a candidate can lead them to lose confidence in themselves and in the recruiter.  Our consultants are trained to take the time to build a professional and personal relationship with each candidate before we put them forward for any roles. This allows us to understand their strengths and weaknesses, enabling us to advise and assist them well carefully with current and future career aspirations.


Posting fake jobs to get new candidates

We don’t play games and we don’t want to waste anybody’s time so we never post jobs that aren’t real.  Transparency about the whole process is key.  From candidate to recruiter, we share as much information as we can.  Being REC approved ensures that our whole recruiting process adheres to all legal requirements and best practice, showing that we really care about what we do.


Poor communication

The reason we have so many long standing relationships with clients and contractors is because we pride ourselves on our communication skills.  I believe this starts in house with our team who respect and trust and each other and this ethic filters right the way through our business.

We know you’d much rather hear feedback than silence, even if it’s negative as this will help you prepare for your next interview.


Lack of knowledge about the jobs they’re recruiting for

Because we specialise in the construction and engineering sector, our team have a full understanding of the industry.  We have then broken it down further into specialist recruiters for their chosen sectors which include building, contracting, engineering and manufacturing.  We also have specialists in housing, civil engineering, mechanical and electrical contracting as well as the energy and technical sectors, ensuring they have complete knowledge of the area.


Applying too much pressure towards a certain job

If you accept a role that you have been pressured into taking, chances are, you’re not going to stay in it for very long.  On top if this, you certainly wouldn’t go back to the person that pressurised you into take it in the first place.  That’s why we want you to feel comfortable with making your own decisions about a company.  Each individual is different and gut feelings can be very powerful indicators of how you’re going to feel day to day. Be open with us, tell us your concerns and we’ll listen.


Telling the candidate what effects your commission

We all have to get paid for our work, that’s no secret but it’s never acceptable in our world to pass that undercurrent on to a candidate.  We are working on behalf of you and it is in both of our interests to negotiate the highest salary for you.

Our business is built on respect and facilitating connections.  We aren’t out to make a fast buck and seeing happy clients is the most satisfying part of our work.

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